Producing the AAHRPP Annual Report

The IRB system can complete a large portion of the AAHRPP annual report for you, while letting you fill in the information that is not stored in the IRB system.

Note: Site manager permissions are required to perform the initial setup step. IRB director permissions are required to generate the report. To configure the form output or update the Annual Report Form, contact

To update contact information to include in the report:

1. Log in to with site manager permissions.
2. Update the IRB Settings area with appropriate organization and contact names to be included in the report.
3. Log off.

To generate the AAHRPP report:

1. Log in to with IRB director permissions.

2. Click IRB in the top navigator.

3. Click Reports on the left.

4. Click Generate AAHRPP Report on the left.
Generate AAHRPP Report Button Image

A new window opens.

5. Select the IRB office to include in the report.

6. Click Generate. Note: This process can take a few minutes.
After a few minutes, a link to the generated report appears in the same window.
AAHRPP Report link image
7. Click the link and choose to save the report as a Microsoft® Word file.

Important! The report is not stored in the IRB system, so save the file in an appropriate location for later retrieval if you need to keep a permanent copy.

8. Click Close to dismiss the window.

To complete the generated report:

1. Open the saved file.

2. Review the answers that are filled in, and adjust the answers as necessary if the IRB system does not contain complete data (or add the information to the IRB system and regenerate the report).

3. Answer the questions that are blank, saving the file often.
To mark a check box in the document:
a. Right-click the box and select Properties.
b. Under Default value, select Checked.

4. Scroll through every page, being sure to answer each question.

5. Follow the checklist located at the end of the document, verifying the report contents and creating a PDF file to send to AAHRPP.