Generating Standard Reports

The IRB system includes many standard reports regarding studies and reportable new information (RNI) to help you find relevant submissions and understand the overall operation of the IRB. In addition, Harvard custom reports are available in via the Custom tab of the Reports page. 

The reports provide links to the individual submissions, as well as sorting and filtering options.

Any user has access to reports, but the data in the reports is limited to the studies visible to the individual. For example, a Studies Involving Children report generated by a PI will include only the studies that person is allowed to see elsewhere in the system--studies for which the person is included on the study team or guest list. IRB coordinators, directors, and committee members generally have access to all report data.

To generate a standard report:

1. Log in to

2. Click IRB in the top navigator.  

3. Click Reports in the IRB sub-menu. 
The list of standard reports appears. To find a custom report, click the Custom Reports tab.

4. Identify the report to generate and click the link.  The report appears, listing the relevant submissions.

  • Try filtering the list by status. Next to Filter by, select Status. Then type the state to view, such as Approved for a study report and click Go.
  • If you or members of your office require special access to multiple studies or reports for a department or school, please contact your IRB office or for special access.

To generate a report listing you as the Principal Investigator (PI) and/or Study Team Member:

1. Log in to

2. Click IRB in the top navigator.

3. Click Reports in the IRB sub-menu.
The list of standard reports appears; click the Custom Reports tab.

4. Locate the Study Team Member Report on the list and click the hyperlink.

5. A report will appear listing all submissions where you are either listed as the PI or listed as an approved Study Team Member.

6. Report results can be exported to Excel from the results pop up window (see below for more information).

Report results can be exported to Excel from the results pop up window.

Tips for exporting files