View Submission Details

Depending on your role or the actions required, you may need to view detailed information provided as part of the submission.

To view the details of a submission:

1. From My Inbox, click the name of the submission to open it.  
Note: If the submission does not appear in your inbox, see Accessing a Submission.
> For an initial submission, click View Study
> For a continuing review or modification, click View Submission 
> For a new information report, click View RNI 

2. Use the Continue and Back buttons to view all of the pages and attachments.
Clicking Continue from the Supporting Documents page (the last page of the form) exits the study.

For a quick view, complete the Create Printable Attachments activity to view a single document containing all attachments via links on the submission history. Use the Printer Version link on the left to view or print the submission SmartForm pages.
Image of printable packet on history

To view the documents included as part of the submission, you have these options:

  • While viewing the details of the study (as instructed above), click the name of each document when you encounter it on the various forms. Documents are listed in tables throughout the forms.
  • When you have opened the study workspace (as in step 1 above), you can view a list of all the attached documents in one place by clicking the Documents tab.
    Image of the documents tab on the workspace

    If the study team updated the documents, they may contain tracked changes. You can use the review features in Word to toggle between showing the original and final versions of the document. When the IRB approves the documents, all tracked changes will be accepted and comments removed in the final versions.

    Note: On modifications, the documents tab will include a column to indicate if the document has been updated as part of the submission.  This column is sorted with “yes” at the top.

To view the information entered for pre-review, non/committee review, ancillary or tracked Harvard determinations (including data security level):

1. Open the study as instructed in step 1 above.

2. Click the Reviews tab.

If the information entered on this tab is inaccurate, contact the study's IRB coordinator to request a change. The coordinator can change the pre-review, non/committee review, ancillary and Harvard determinations information until the determination letter is sent to the study team.