Assigning Ownership of a Submission

Before an IRB reviewer can take action on a study, the study must be assigned to them. Any IRB staff user with coordinator permissions or higher can take ownership of the study or assign it to another IRB staff member. The study can be reassigned at any point, as needed.

When a study is first submitted to the IRB, it will appear on the Unassigned tab on the Submissions page and in all IRB staff Inboxes (see Accessing a Submission for information about navigating the Submissions page). After a coordinator is assigned, only this assigned reviewer sees the study in My Inbox and on the Submissions page, on the My Work List tab.  The submission will move to and from the coordinator in box and work list tabs as the IRB needs to take action in the review process.  Note that the Unassigned and My Work List tabs are only visible to IRB staff.

To assign a coordinator:

A. From the Unassigned list (on the Submissions page)

  1. Click the My Actions link on right side of the listing
  2. Choose the Assign Coordinator option
  3. Select yourself or another IRB staff member
  4. Click OK

- OR -

B. From the Submission workspace

  1. Open the study
  2. Click Assign Coordinator on the left
  3. Select yourself or another IRB staff member
  4. Click OK



The reviewer gains access to activities that are reserved for the assigned reviewer and can move the study through the IRB review process.

TIP If creating a continuing review or modification on behalf of the study team, the IRB staff member can create the submission but will be unable to make edits at first. Save the initial page, exit and assign the IRB Coordinator. Only the assigned IRB Coordinator can make edits to a submission on behalf of the study team.