Reviewing a Submission

To view the details of a submission:

1. Log in to

2. Navigate to the submission (see Accessing a Submission for more instructions).

3. Click on View Study or submission on the left to view the details of the submission. For a continuing review or modification, click View Submission instead.

4. Use the Continue and Back buttons to view all of the pages and click on document links to view detailed attachments. Note that clicking Continue from the Supporting Documents page (the last page of the form) exits the study.

To view the documents included as part of the submission, there are two options:

  • While viewing the details of the study (as instructed above), click the name of each document when you encounter it on the various forms. Documents are listed in tables throughout the forms.
  • When you have opened the study workspace (as in step 2 above), you can view a list of all the attached documents in one place by clicking the Documents tab.

Image of the document tab in the workspace

TIP If the study team updated the documents, they may contain tracked changes. You can use the review features in Word to toggle between showing the original and final versions of the document. When the IRB approves the documents, all tracked changes will be accepted and comments removed in the final versions.