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Information about ESTR updates and anticipated outages.

ESTR changes - coming soon!

October 21, 2018

The ESTR system will be integrated with a new tool for submission and review of Data Use Agreement (DUA)* requests. This is the first phase of a multi-year initiative to improve research compliance systems at Harvard.

To reach this first goal, ESTR will be unavailable during the following three periods:

Planned Outage Period** What will change after this outage
Saturday, October 27 12:30 am ET 
Saturday, October 27 5:30 am ET
There are no visible changes.  This is to update background elements of the system.
Friday, November 9 6:00 pm ET 
Monday, November 12 2:00 pm ET
Navigation updates, including simplification of My InBox.  This is to include configurations to support IRB review and the planned future integration with the coming Harvard Agreements-DUA system (see detailed release notes for more about what changes after this outage).
Friday, December 7 7:00 pm ET 
Friday, December 7 11:30 pm ET
New links between the IRB system and the Agreements-DUA system.  This is to initiate visible integration between systems.

Please contact the ESTR Help Desk with any questions or concerns.

* A Data Use Agreement (DUA) is a binding contract between organizations governing the transfer and use of data. DUA terms and conditions vary depending on the laws and regulations governing the particular type of data as well as the policies and/or requirements of the Provider. A DUA must be signed by a Harvard Institutional Signatory.

** Some planned dates/times are suject to change.  Please visit this page for updates as they are available.