Preparing Comments for a Meeting

While reviewing a study, you can record your review comments within the IRB system. You can also upload required checklists and any review-related documents. This lets committee members view each other's comments before and during the meeting.

To record your review comments:
By following these steps, all of your comments and the files you attach will be purged from the system when the approval letter is sent. Your comments are never visible to the study team members.

1. Open the study. For details, see Accessing a Submission or Locating Meeting Agenda Items.

2. Click Add Review Comments on the left.
Add review comments image

3. Type in notes, and upload any relevant reviewer checklists and other related documents.

4. Click OK.

Note: Before and during the committee meeting, you can go to the study's Reviews tab as shown below to view your comments and comments from other reviewers.
General review tab image