Locating Meeting Agenda Items

As a committee member, you can get a meeting agenda listing the studies and other submissions to be reviewed in an upcoming meeting. You can get the agenda in two forms:

  • As a web page with links to the submissions
  • As a printable document

The procedures below describe how to access both forms of the agenda in two alternative ways:

  • From an agenda notification e-mail you receive 
  • By navigating to the agenda within the IRB system

To access the agenda from an e-mail you receive:

1. Open the e-mail informing you about an IRB meeting agenda.
The notification content should resemble this:
Agenda notice image

2. Click the appropriate link:

  • To access the meeting workspace web page containing links to the studies, click the link next to Link (shown above). The meeting workspace and its important links are shown below.  Note: The most up-to-date agenda is in the web page format.
  • To open or save the printable document, click the link next to Description (shown above).

3. If prompted, log in to irb.harvard.edu.

For more details about opening the document or using the web page, see the procedure below about navigating to the agenda.

To access the agenda by navigating to it:

1. Click the Meetings link which appears:
Meetings link image

2. From the list of meetings shown in the center of the page, click the name of the meeting to view.
The meeting workspace displays the list of agenda items in the center of the page, resembling this:
Meeting workspace image

3. Click the appropriate link:

  • To access a study directly from the agenda items list, click the link to the study (shown above).
  • To open or save the printable document, click the link in the page header next to Agenda (shown above). The agenda is in Microsoft Word format.

Quick tip about downloading Word documents