Locating the To-Do List

If you are a member of an ancillary office which is not required to complete review but must view elements of submissions or studies, you may not see items in your Inbox (also referred to here as your Inbox).

Submissions that are assigned to you for action generally appear in My Inbox with a link to the study. You may also receive an e-mail with a link to the study. An e-mail indicates that you must take action or informs you of important changes, such as an IRB decision about the study. 

Note: A continuing review, modification, or RNI (reportable new information) submission can be handled similarly to a study. 

If IRB approval is issued before Ancillary Review is completed, the study may not appear in My Inbox. To access a study that does not appear in My Inbox because of this or for another reason,  see Accessing a Submission.

To access studies or other submissions assigned to you:

1.   Click the My Inbox link in the top navigation header. 

Image of link to my in box

The list called My Inbox contains studies or other submissions that require you to take action. As an ancillary reviewer (either by name or representing a specific organization), it is important to note that the IRB: a) can begin its review before you submit your review and; b) may or may not wait for your input before completing its review of the study.

2.   Identify the reason the study appears in My Inbox by looking at the State column. Items in states other than “Pre-Submission” may be in IRB review states that require your review.

In Box study List Image

3.   Open the submission by clicking the link in the Name column. 
      The submission workspace (webpage) opens.

4.   Click on view study or submission on the left to view the details of the submission.