Changing the Study Primary Contact

By default, in addition to the PI and PI Proxy, the Primary Contact is a recipient of all system emails (including notification of IRB determination, or when the IRB requests clarifications). Changing the Primary Contact does not require a modification that gets reviewed by the IRB. Making this change takes effect immediately and can be changed at any time. For example, it may help to provide a contact person in addition to the PI if the PI does not check e-mail frequently. The primary contact can also edit the study just as a study team member can. Key features of this role:

  • To change the primary contact, you must be a member of the study team or the IRB coordinator assigned to the study.
  • By default, the person who created the study in the system is the primary contact. 
  • The PI and any PI proxy continue to receive notifications regardless of the primary contact assignment. 
  • Modifications or continuing reviews have the same primary contact as the initial study. To change the primary contact on these submissions, do so in the main study workspace.

Important! Indicating a person as Primary Contact is for administrative purposes and does not give permission for this individual to work with human subjects. If the Primary Contact also has human subjects responsibilities, their involvement with human subjects must be reviewed by the IRB before they may begin that portion of their work.

To change the primary contact:

1. Log in to

2. Navigate to a study (see Accessing a Submission for more instructions).

3. On the main study workspace (marked in the center as “Submission type: Initial Study”), click Assign Primary Contact from the Next Steps list on the left.  A new window opens.
Image of the Assign Primary Contact activity

4. Click Clear to remove the current contact.

5. Begin typing the name of the new contact. A list of matching names appears.

6. Click on the correct name using the mouse. The name should appear as a blue link in the space provided

7. Click OK

The pop up window will automatically close.  On the main study workspace, the Primary Contact will be updated in the top part of the page.
Image of the displayed Primary Contact