Managing Guests with View-Only Permissions to the Study

During the course of a project, you may want to add a guest who can view your study and its documents. Guests have view-only permissions and cannot make edits to the study or create follow-on submissions. Adding/removing a guest does not require a Modification to the study itself.

To add/remove a guest to the study:

1. Log in to

2. Navigate to a study (see Accessing a Submission for more instructions)

3. Click Manage Guest List from the Next Steps list on the left. A new window opens.

4. Review the existing list that appears of people who can view the study without being on the guest list

To add a guest, begin typing the name of the new contact in the search box at the bottom. A list of matching names appears.  Click on the correct name using the mouse.

To remove a guest, click Remove on the right, next to their name 

7. Click OK